Kamniško Sedlo

Stay: Guest House Pri Cesarju

We arrived in Slovenia around 7pm and ran into a bit of an issue with the rental car…. Nate had reserved it under his name but both his license and international drivers license were expired so they wouldn’t rent him the car. They also couldn’t switch the reservation to my name without having Nate as a driver so we had to make a new contract (quite a few dollars more), but alas we got a nice new car and got to our hotel without any issue!

The next morning we had a really nice breakfast at the hotel- all the food you could want really. Very filling. Then we drove about 15minutes to Dom v Kamniška Bistrica- where we parked to start the hike!

The hike was pretty challenging. Pretty steep the whole way and it was raining off and on so that didn’t help things much. The hike took us about 3hours to get to the top with an total elevation gain of 5,000 feet!

At the top!

Thankfully there was a hut at the top to get food! They also had a bunch of slippers for you to change into so you didn’t track mud into the place 😂

We had a nice stew, some tea, and an apple strudel! We were pretty cold so it definitely was what was needed right then!

You can also rock climb up the two peaks from the hut. We obviously did not do that but there were a bunch of people with rock climbing gear around!

After we had warmed up a bit, we headed out. The hike down was honestly so much worse than up. My legs were already tired and going down steep hills just hurts your body. We found some giant sticks on our way and used them to help us not die while climbing down.

Thankfully, the weather got nicer on the way down and we got some sunshine on our faces (and some prettier views!)

It actually took about the same amount of time to walk down as it did up since it was so steep and there were lots of areas where you just walked on loose rocks…. BUT WE MADE IT. We had started the hike around 9am and finished about 4:45pm! Very long day.

We took some showers back at the hotel and just found a place we could walk to for dinner- Vratarnica Kamnik. Turned out to be a place where you order at the counter. The menu was only in Slovenian so the girl working read it to us 😂😂 Nate and I both got wraps and they ended up being pretty huge and super filling! Next up: lots of sleep!

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