4 Days in the Julian Alps (& Lake Bled)

Stay: Vila Laura (would recommend!)

Day 1 – Lake Bled

We left our hotel in Kamnik around 10am and headed over to Lake Bled. The drive took about 40minutes. Since it was too early to check into our B&B, we drove over to a mini viewpoint hike – Mala Osojnica. There was a parking lot close to the start (€3/hour). Then was a short walk to the start of the hike- it took about 30minutes to hike up to the viewpoint. It was pretty steep at a few points and I wasn’t wearing the best hiking clothes, but we made it! Thankfully the weather was clear so we got some amazing views!

We spent a bit of time up at the viewpoint so Nate could fly his drone around for a bit (of course)!

Once we finished, we drove to the other side of the lake to our B&B to check in. The host was super friendly and offered many recommendations! After getting settled we walked back down to the lake and got some quick food for lunch.

After lunch we walked over to Straza Bled- which is an outdoor fun park. We got tickets to take the gondola up the mountain and then the toboggan down!

The top had some really nice views! The toboggan back down was honestly pretty fun. Everyone was spaced pretty far apart so you could really go however fast you wanted (not that fast for me tbh).

On the way back from the toboggan we stopped for some ice cream. It was really sunny at that point so we got to relax in the sun while eating, which was really nice.

Once we were back at the B&B, we got the car to drive over to Bled Castle! The Castle was €13 to get in, but actually spent about 2hrs there so it was worth it. We got a €2 voucher to spend on wine or at the gift shop too! We enjoyed the views (opposite side of the lake from the viewpoint earlier) and I enjoyed some Bled cream cake as I read it was a Bled specialty!

After the castle, we went back to the B&B and relaxed a bit before heading to dinner around 7:30pm. We went back down by the lake for dinner – Oštarija Peglez’n – recommended by our host! We both had seafood since that was the speciality. The restaurant was super cute as well!

Day 2 – Lake Bohinj & Gorges

Since we are staying at a B&B breakfast was included in our stay 🙂 We both had some yummy omelets and miscellaneous fruits. We left the B&B around 10am and drove about 30minutes to Lake Bohinj (similar lake to Bled).

Since the weather wasn’t the best we decided not to do the cable car so we headed straight to Savica Waterfall at the far end of the lake. Our calves were still SOOOOO sore from our hike in Kamnik and to get to this waterfall we had to climb up stairs for about 30minutes! Sadly this was only the start to a lot more walking for the day. Thankfully, the waterfall ended up being really pretty!

On the walk down Nate stopped to fly his drone for a bit before we went back to the car (we did pay for parking after all). From the waterfall we decided to go to Mostnica Gorge. We ended up going two gorges today and in the end would not recommend this one but alas I will tell you about it…

While driving to Mostnica Gorge we ran into a “dead-end” where you could park or pay €12 to continue on the road. We parked and figured this must be where you start the journey to the Gorge (update it was). It was a short half mile hike to the start of the Gorge, then took us about 35minutes to walk up and down the Gorge itself. It was pretty but, as you’ll see later, not as cool as the Vintgar Gorge.

We ended up stopping for lunch at a random spot between Mostnica Gorge and Vintgar Gorge called Gostilna Ema. It had traditional Slovenian food and was a super cute little restaurant! I had deer medallions and cotton cheese dumplings (Slovenia has their own version of dumplings – see below)

By the time we made it to Vintgar Gorge is was almost 4pm! Side note- most places require you to pay to park and also only take cash so if you do go to Slovenia it will definitely not hurt to have some Euros on you!

Because of the pandemic, Vintgar Gorge was operating on a one-way system (I guess you used to walk in and out on the same path). The path along the Gorge is cool because it’s all built out so you are super close to the action- you can see the walkways on the side of the cliff! Really pretty views (also why I would recommend this one over the other).

It probably only took about 25minutes to walk to the end of the Groge. Then there were two route options to get back to the start- one was faster but listed as very “steep”. My calves didn’t like the sound of that so we took the slightly longer route…. which ended up being PRETTY steep at a few points so I’m curious what they consider steep to be! I would say it took us about 50minutes to walk all the way back to the start- there were some pretty views of the valley along the way at least!

After we got back to the car we had a quick drive back to the B&B. We decided to go to a “spa” for the last few hours of the night. There was one near our hotel called Wellness Ziva. They had a 3hour pass to all the “pools” including hot tubs for €13 which was good enough for us! It was actually a pretty big pool area. There was even a waterside into the main pool bit! We mostly hung out in the hot tub to sooth our sore muscles.

We stayed there until about 8pm and were planning on walking to dinner until we walked out and it was raining- no thanks! We instead did the quick 4min walk back to the B&B to get the car and drove to dinner (only about a 5min drive)- Gostilna Pri Planincu – another recommendation from our host! We had a bit of a wait to order because it was so busy, but the food was really delicious once we got it! I had a bunch of traditional Slovenia meats… which I thought would be like a kabab, but ended up being like 2 whole chicken breasts, 1 porkchop, and like 5 different sausages 😂 safe to say I had some leftovers.

We also shared a strudel for dessert – yummmmm

Day 3 – Vršič Pass & Vogel Cable Car

We started the morning same as always- nice, large brekkie at the B&B and then headed out around 10am for the day! We drove about 1hour to Vršič Pass, which is up a mountain so most of the drive was the windy roads up. I had found a nice and easy hike we could do at the top of the mountain to get some cool views. It was nice to have a more relaxed walking day after having walked SO much recently.

The hike was a bit steep at some points but nothing crazy and was only like 2 miles round trip (easy peasy). Such pretty views at the top and the weather was perfect!

On the way up!

Views from the top

There was also a face in the side of the mountain that is apparently considered the “pagan girl” and a fate deity. Can you see it?

After we finished exploring, we headed back down the mountain and stopped at a picturesque lunch spot.

Once we finished lunch, we started heading back to Bled and decided to continue on back towards Lake Bohinj and the Vogel Cable car (since we didn’t do it the day before cause of weather). It was an extra 40min drive so was pretty tired by the time we arrived, but thankfully we arrived right when the cable car was heading back up the mountain! (Every 30minutes)

Once we got to the top, we got some hot chocolate before walking around outside.

We realized there was another ski lift running, which we could take for free so we went up even further for some more views!

Going back down the ski lift we realized we would have to run to try to catch the next cable car back down (or wait another 30minutes). We ran but alas we missed it by thattttttt much. So we got some fries to pass the time 😂

By the time we got back to the B&B we relaxed for a few hours before heading to dinner. We ended up going to a pizzeria- Pizzeria Rustika. I got a delicious pizza with truffle on it. Definitely recommend!

Day 4 – Triglav Seven Lakes Hike

We started off the day same as always- brekkie at the B&B! We then drove about an hour to Planina Blato – the start of our hike. There are technically 7 lakes you can hike to, but it took us about 3hours just to get to lake #2 so that’s how far we made it (we would’ve had to have started earlier if we wanted to do the full 10hour hike).

The hike started off pretty steep then tapered off between up and down the rest of the hike. We walked by some cute little huts along the way.

We did accidently take a more difficult route to the second lake… instead of going around the mountain we went up and over… it was very steep both up and down. We did get some pretty views of the second lake though (called Double Lake so it’s actually 2 lakes).

Treacherous climb back down our mountain path!

The final bit down had so many loose rocks that I ended up slipping at one point- whoops! I cut my hand a little bit on the rocks but otherwise was fine. Thankfully airlines give you so many wet wipes that we never use so we were able to clean it easily!

Finally we made it down to the second lake(s)! There was a hut there that sold food so we ordered some stew and sausages for a nice lunch. By the time we were done it was almost 3pm so we started the hike back to the start (on the easy route this time!).

The easy route also had pretty views!

It took us probably about 2.5hrs to make it all the way back to our car. Overall was a pleasant hike with some nice weather so can’t complain!

We didn’t make it back to the B&B until almost 6pm. We took some showers and got ready for dinner. We decided to try a traditional Slovenian place recommended by our host- Gostilna Lectar- he said they even dress up (they did indeed). We got a “small” traditional dish to share then each got a pretty big main dish. Very filling meal! There was a dog sitting right by us that I ended up getting to pet as well 😁

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