Predjama Castle, Postojna Caves, & Piran

We left Lake Bled around 10am to start our drive towards the coast. The halfway point was around Predjama Castle/Postojna Caves so we decided to stop and be tourists for a bit!

We first went to Predjama Castle. This castle is built into the side of a mountain / cave. The tour was an audioguide and, as far as castles go, was pretty cool since it was built into the side of the cave. You can see more easily in the pics.

Good representation of the cave wall vs the built wall in one hallway!

It only took about 40minutes to go through the castle / audioguide (we went rather quickly so I would say on average it would take 1 hour).

We drove another 10minutes to the Postojna Caves. One thing to note- parking for EACH was €5 in cash. Pretty dumb, but welcome to Slovenia.

We had to book a time slot for the caves (they start every hour). The reason being is that the tour starts off (and ends) with a 10minute train ride deep into the caves. The ride was pretty chilly to be honest (don’t forget your coat!), but it was a fast way to see alot of the caves before reaching the main section!

Once we got off the train we walked for about 1hour through the cave (slowly as it was a big group of people). We also received an audioguide for this, which was nice as you didn’t have to try to hear the one guide speaking to you. I’ve been in a decent amount of caves but the size of this one was pretty crazy!

By the time we finished it was about 2:30pm. We got some ice cream and relaxed in the sun before jumping back in the car and heading to Piran (the coastal city!).

Piran was soooo warm (amazing!!!). We didn’t arrive until around 5pm, but it was so nice just being in the sun and not being cold. The city of Piran doesn’t really allow cars so we had to drop off our bags then go park about 1 mile away. We only had one night in Piran so we did the few touristy things it had to offer before getting dinner 😊

First touristy thing on the list was the Medieval Walls! There are preserved walls from back in the day that used to protect the city. For only €2 you can go climb around them! They did provide some rather nice views of the city though so can’t complain.

We spent around 30minutes at the walls then walked over to the Church of St. George’s bell tower. This required us to climb up quite a few stairs (so did the walls so we were pretty hot at this point). But it was quick to the top and we got even more views of the city lol (also only €2 so worth it). The bells rang every 15minutes so we stayed to hear them, which was fun?

For dinner, Nate found a popular place on the internet (Fritolin Pri Cantini) so we walked over. You order at a counter and it seemed pretty chaotic so we figured we had to be vultures and grab a table right when someone left. We walked around awkwardly for probably 10minutes before a waiter told us there was a line for tables we could wait in…. well that was way easier LOL. The line actually moved pretty quickly and we were seated within 15minutes. The place serves mostly just fish so don’t go if you hate fish. I had mackerel (unsure if I’ve had this before but it was good!). Nate placed the ordered and you get a seashell with a number on it. When orders are ready the counter will ring a bell and put a white fish with a number hanging. If the number matches your seashell then it’s time to get your food! The food actually was pretty good- would recommend!

After dinner we walked along the jetty for about 5minutes before heading back to the hotel (I had to pee!). We ended up just relaxing inside for the rest of the night.

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