2 Days in Istria Region

Stay: Apartments Villa Herak

Day 1 – Rovinj & Poreč

We left from Piran (Slovenia) around 10am and made our way into Croatia. Although both are in the EU there is still a boarder crossing. Thankfully, it didn’t take us very long to cross, but the opposite direction (going into Slovenia) was packed!

We tried stopping near Umag at a place I had read about online as having olive oil tastings- seemed different so figured why not. Turned out they don’t do the olive oil tastings anymore, just wine, and it was only 10am so we left LOL.

We drove another hour before reaching the town of Rovinj. We found some street parking in town and thankfully I had leftover coins from from last time I went to Croatia so we were able to pay for parking (it literally only took coins 😂).

The town is on the coast so we walked along the harbor to get to the old town. Pretty red roofed buildings and tons of people walking around!

We walked up to the Rovinj Cathedral, which was at the top hill in the old town. You could enter for free, but pay 40 Kuna (like $6) to climb up the bell tower. We obviously did that (lots of bell towers in our lives) and saw more views of the city from above!

The rest of old town was windy streets with marble pathways that I kept slipping on 😂

We ended up eating lunch at like the first place we walled by in Old Town- a pizzeria! Last time I was in Croatia they just had such good pizza so couldn’t resist!

After eating we walked back to the car and drove about 10minutes to a “beach”. We thankfully found a random spot to park that wasn’t TOO far away. The beaches of Croatia really aren’t that nice- they are always pebbles rather than sand. This one was also pretty small and very shaded so we ended up in more of the grass instead.

We spent about 2hrs at the “beach” before making our way to Poreč, where we were staying for the night. Poreč is pretty similar to Rovinj- coastal town, old square, etc. It was a bit smaller than Rovinj though. Thankfully, our accommodation had parking so we didn’t have to worry about that at all!

It was about 6pm by the time we started walking around the old town. We hit the “major attractions” in about an hour 😂. First, there was a place called the Round Tower- turns out it actually had a bar on the top! So we climbed up the tower and had a quick drink.

We then walked to Neptune Temple, some old ruins from wayyyyyyyy back in the day. It was a small little area and only 1 wall was still standing / reconstructed. We looked at it for about 1 minute before continuing on.

Lastly, we went to the Euphrasian Basilica, a UNSECO world heritage site because it’s remained very intact since the 4th century! They were actually having catholic mass when we got there, but we walked around the rest of the area before going into the actual working church. The Basilica was a pretty large area, even had a bell tower (of course!). They had a museum with lots of old artifacts and mosaics. The first church grounds was intact with the mosaics flooring as well, which was cool.

We spent about 35minutes in the Basilica area. After we were done, we set out to find somewhere to eat. We stopped at a few places that were too busy until we finally found one- Pizzeria Napoli. We had pizza for lunch so neither of us got it for dinner, but the food was still good!!

Day 2 – Aquapark Istralandia

While at dinner yesterday, Nate found this waterpark in an article on things to do in Poreč. The pictures made it look like a really big area and since the beaches are all just pebbly we thought it would be a nice way to spend the day in the sun.

It took about 30minutes to get to the waterpark from Poreč, but it was in the direction of Slovenia, which is where we were headed after so it worked out nicely. The waterpark was definitely huge! There were probably like 15 different, large watersides!

We started off at the far end of the park. Unforunately we picked the slide with the longest wait first… whoops! It was pretty mediocre too. After we did a drop slide! That’s where you go into the tube standing and the floor drops out and you shoot down the slide! It was pretty fun and went really fast! The next slide was sadly our demise 😅. It was a two person inner tube slide so Nate and I went together. It had basically two toilet bowls where you just glide around until you go through the next opening. On the first one we ended up going through the opening backwards and I’m not sure what happened, but we hit a turn too high and I fell off the tube! I ended up flipping the tube with me so Nate also fell off. I then slid past him. Thankfully Nate held onto the tube and met me at a flat area of the slide not too far off. I got back on the tube, but we had trouble starting again so Nate had to pull our tube until we started again. Thankfully we made it through the second toilet bowl and got to the end! Unfortunately, we got a little beat up. I landed on my shoulder when I fell off so it’s a bit sore and for some reason my big toe joint somehow got hurt so now I can’t walk very well LOL classic life. Nate got a bit beat up too so after that slide we went and laid on our chairs for a bit then got food.

Once I gathered up the courage to limp over to another slide we started up again. We went for the non threatening looking ones (aka straight). The first we did had a pretty intense drop off and went super fast! There was also a little short one that just launched you about 2 feet up at the end before you hit the water so that was fun. We ended on a curvy, but slower slide to finish off the day. Even with the pain it all caused it was a nice way to enjoy the weather!

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