1 Day in Ljubljana

We arrived in Ljubljana around 6pm. We took showers at the hotel before going out to dinner. Nate found a good burger spot in the old town so we walked about 10minutes to get there (very slowly as my toe is not great)- Pop’s Place. The location was right along the river and super cute! The burgers were also really good so would recommend!

The Old Town at night was also super pretty. There are a bunch of little bridges across the river that light up the water.

We didn’t walk around too much because of my toe but we still enjoyed what we saw! We decided to take a different route home to get some ice cream at GELATERIA ROMANTIKA (copied/pasted from Google they wrote their name in all caps not me), which had good reviews. They also had a bunch of sorbet options so that was nice for Nate!

There was a big park right next to the ice cream shop that was having a concert! There were barriers so you couldn’t get too close, but you could still see what was going on from outside the barriers. The songs were all in Slovenian so not sure what they were but we stayed and listened to a couple before making our way back to the hotel.

The next morning we checked out of our hotel around 9:40am and drove about 5minutes to a covid testing center. We just needed a rapid test to go back to the UK so it only took about 15minutes to get the results- negative woo!

We then drove back into town and got brunch at EK Bistro- a place Nate had found online for having yummy brunch. We both got the same thing- brioche with avocado, poached eggs, bacon, and hollandaise sauce! Yummm

We were able to park the car on the street for free since it was Sunday, which was very convenient! My toe was still a bit sore so we started our walk around town very slowly. There aren’t a ton of “sites” to see in Ljubljana, but there’s a nice river walk and pretty streets and squares.

We also decided to go up to Ljubljana Castle. We ended up getting tickets for the funicular cause I didn’t want to climb up a big hill with my foot hurting and the funicular was only like €6 round-trip. Although it wasn’t THAT big of a hill so probably would be relatively easy to walk up if you were able-bodied.

There was some anniversary going on so the entrance to the different parts of the castle ended up being free! It wasn’t a huge complex so I’m not sure if paying for entry would’ve been worth it, but there was a viewpoint tower that gave us some nice views of the city.

As I somehow tend to do in random cities I visit, we ended up doing an escape room. It was a post world war room and we were captives. The first part of the room was funny cause we were in jail and found this rope with a magnet and had to swing it to try to get a key. Wasn’t the easiest! We did have to ask for a few clues along the way and even got to use a typewriter and Morse code! I won’t give away any other spoilers in case you end up in Ljubljana doing this escape room.

We “escaped” in 1hour and 2minutes. Usually they cut you off in 1hr but I guess since we were close the guy let us finish lol. He said about 60% don’t finish so I guess that’s something!

After the escape room we got a late lunch / early dinner at a restaurant in town- Sokol. The food was pretty traditional and not bad so it was a good way to end the trip! It was about a 30minute drive back to the airport from the old town. It was fun Slovenia!

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