4 Days in Interlaken (& surrounding areas)

Stay: Hotel Rössli, Hauptstrasse 10, 3800 Interlaken – nice hotel with breakfast however it would be more convenient to stay closer to Interlaken Ost (East) Station if you can afford it lol

Day 1 – Interlaken

We arrived into Interlaken about 3pm on the train. Beautiful views coming into Interlaken too 😍 (this is obviously a theme forever)

We had a short walk to the hotel. We didn’t spend much time as we shortly left for the Harder Kulm cable car! It was a short 18min walk along the river to the cable car entrance and we arrived just in time for a cable car to take us up! The ride itself took about 8minutes (you go prettyyyy high).

Once at the top there was a short walk up to the restaurant/ viewing platform. All the pictures were taken.

We wanted to spend more than 20mins at the top since we paid for the cable car so we decided to get some ice cream (of course). Naturally even the ice cream at the restaurant was expensive, but we found this ice cream with caramel filling and chocolate coating for only 7CHF (ya I know that’s still not cheap but better deal than 4 CHF for one scoop) and it was festive!

We did have to wait in line to get back down the mountain. Thankfully the cable car came every 15mins so we only had to wait about 30mins before we got on (it wasn’t a very large cable car tbh). Some older couple tried to just casually walk up and cut into the line and I was like nope you’re not old enough to warrant cutting everyone so I didn’t let them in front of us but the people behind us did (showing our true American colors). Alas we made it back down around 6pm. We ended up going to Hüsi Bierhaus for dinner- random restaurant someone mentioned on a blog I read. Naturally it was German food so we got Schnitzel. Very good food!

We ended up playing some Lego Harry Potter on Clare’s Nintendo Switch to end the night!

Day 2 – Lauterbrunnen and Murren

We woke up around 8am for a quick breakfast at the hotel (bacon, eggs, general pastries and fruit). We took a quick bus ride over to Interlaken Ost station then caught the train to Lauterbrunnen- probably took about an hour in total. We did a “waterfall walk” aka walked through Lauterbrunnen and stopped at the different waterfalls the internet told me about.

The walk itself was really nice- flat and beautiful views! Really can’t ask for too much more.

First stop along the walk was Staubbach Falls. The waterfall itself was pretty underwhelming, however, there was a path you could climb up to go “under” the waterfall so that was a bit more fun! Also got some pretty views of Lauterbrunnen from high up!

“Under” the falls.. you can kind of tell there is water behind us

The next waterfall- Buchenbachfall turned out to be a bust. You could tell where the waterfall would be, but there was currently no water. Oh well would rather have the nice weather than see a medicore waterfall lol.

Last but not least – Trummelbach Falls. This was the actual touristy waterfall as you had to pay to get to it. It’s actually many falls inside a mountain. They had an elevator you could take up which made the price seem more worth it.

Inside the mountain- Clare showing off this year’s hot new color combination

After the falls we had to wait about 20mins for a bus to take us to Stechelberg where we could catch the cable cars up to Murren. There was a small restaurant at the falls so we got some watermelon to snack on 🍉.

Thankfully the cable cars (Stechelberg to Gimmelwald & Gimmelwald to Murren) were included with our Swiss Travel Pass! So we were able to hop up to Murren pretty easily.

Murren was obviously beautiful (like the rest of the this area tbh).

We booked a guide for the Murren via Ferrata hike at 2:15pm so we had about 1.5hrs to kill. We walked through town trying to find somewhere to get a cheap sandwich lunch but had no luck. We ended up going to Coop (a grocery store) and bought a fresh loaf of bread and some meat and cheese. Made our own sandwiches for only 8 CHF total and they weren’t bad! Plus we got to sit in a nice mountain view spot!

Finally it was time for the hike! We had debated getting a guide for this as it was pretty expensive (135 CHF per person) but although I’ve used carabiners before I have never done a via Ferrata hike so we figured it was for the best. Looking back I would say if you’ve used carabiners before and are prepared to literally climb on the side of a mountain for about 5mins by yourself then definitely can do it alone! The place also rents gear which is only 25 CHF so definitely a bit cheaper. I actually found this blog V useful so in case you’re interested check this out- https://www.earthtrekkers.com/murren-via-ferrata-guide/

Our guide was a nice older Swiss man named Willy. Another couple joined from California so that also made it a bit more fun. Basically via Ferrata means using metal cables and carabiners to climb along side the mountain. The journey was from Murren to Gimmelwald and was about 2k (and took about 3hrs).

It started off not too bad- good practice with the carabiners and great views (obviously) the whole time. We also saw a base jumper at one point wearing a wing suit who just casually jumped off the mountain. Hard pass from me. Also, there was a zipline which you can only do if you have a guide so that was fun! Enjoy the pics!

Casual thousands of feet drop below this metal rung holding all my weight 😅

Honestly really only the metal rungs holding you up from a drop to your death was the scariest part. I’ve done a few spooky things in my life, but I was definitely freaked out when the rungs would casually dip a little with your weight (yes I know I was attached to a cable as well but still 😅). We had a really good time on the trek- definitely recommend! It’s only possible to do with zero rain- otherwise it’s too slippery- so keep that in mind!

The trek ended in Gimmelwald so we took the cable car down, a bus to Lauterbrunnen, then the train back to Interlaken. Long, but fun day!

For dinner we went Arcobaleno for dinner- literally right next door to our hotel. Clare and I split a pizza and a risotto and OMG the mushroom risotto was SO GOOD. Definitely recommend if you like mushrooms and risotto lol.

Ended the night with some more Lego Harry Potter.

Day 3 – Grindelwald & First

The weather forecast was sunny in the morning and clouds with a chance of rain starting around 2pm. We decided to get up early to get as much nice weather in. We got up around 7am, got ready, popped down at 7:30am (when breakfast opened) and ate within 10mins to go catch our bus to Interlaken Ost! From Ost we took the train all the way to Grindelwald (about 40minutes).

It was a .5 mile walk to the cable car to First, but the views and the town were so pretty we did not mind!

Once at the cable car we bought a ticket for the cable car and 4 activities to take you back down the mountain (with the Swiss Travel Card it was about 95 CHF per person). The activities are 2 different ziplines, a mountain cart, and a scooter thing (you’ll see later).

The cable car up to First took like 20minutes. Once we arrived, we did the “cliff edge walk”, which was free. After yesterday’s adventure this was not scary at all to be honest, but gave us some nice view points!

At the top of First, the main thing to do is hike to Bachalpsee Lake, which is about 1.5miles. It was a relatively uneventful hike to be honest. A steep part in the beginning then mostly flat, wide path that went straight for the rest. The lake was pretty beautiful with the mountains in the background (without the mountains it would’ve been a pretty average lake lol).

We took some snacks from breakfast (aka Babybel cheese) and ate them by the lake to enjoy the views and rest. We probably spent about 20minutes at the lake before walking back (same route back).

Once we got back it was time to start our different activities down the mountain! First up was a zipline down to the next cable car station. It was basically a seat and you had a nice 10second ride down the mountain- pretty views at least! From this area was another zipline that was facedown! This one actually took you back up then zipped you back down (so you didn’t actually go down the mountain any further). It was definitely more fun than zipline #1 though!

Next up was the mountain cart. These didn’t have any pedals just brakes since it was downhill! VERY bumpy- nice massage for your booty and back, but it was ALOT for your hands to try to hold on!

We were on the carts for about 10minutes (didn’t go that fast). Then we switched to “trottibikes” which were basically weird scooters. Mine unfortunately was a bit short and I couldn’t figure out how to raise the handles but I survived! These were definitely more terrifying than the carts. Some girl right after us fell dramatically after like 10feet and I was like no thank you and went very slow the whole way down. On the plus side going slow let you look at the AMAZING views the whole way. Basically the Trottibike was 2/10, but the views on the way down where 100/10 so it was worth it.

The Trottibikes took probably around 25minutes to get the rest of the way down. We stopped for photos a few times as well. Once down, we got some ice cream as we walked by and couldn’t say no. Then we went to Coop again and got some pre-made sandwiches for lunch. We sat in a nice square while we ate lunch with really pretty views and this random girl playing music while practicing her hulahoop- she still needs some work but she did some really impressive handstands (without the hoop)!

We took the train back down to Interlaken Ost and decided to walk around that area instead of taking the bus back. We went to an Aldi and got some wine, while Clare took weird pics for her “Aldi Group” at work LOL. Then we walked back to Interlaken West and saw a bunch of grand hotels along the way! Very nice area (must be why we didn’t stay there).

We got back to the hotel around 5pm and drank the wine we bought. We were hoping to watch Bachelor in Paradise, but apparently it switched to only once per week so will have to wait until tomorrow. We had dinner at a place Restaurant Stadthaus. I guess starting yesterday if you want to eat inside they have to scan the QR code to confirm your vaccination status. Clare does not have a QR code so we had to eat at the bar outside (at least we were able to do that though!). The foot itself was pretty expensive and nothing to die for. It seemed like alot of places were randomly closed on Tuesday though so this place was popping. Once we finished, we went back to the hotel and played more Lego Harry Potter and tried to figure out what to do tomorrow!

Day 4 – Thunersee, Spiez, and Thun

We didn’t have a ton planned for the day so we had a relatively late start and got breakfast around 9:15am. We booked an escape room for 10:30 (bright and early) so headed over after we finished breakfast!

The escape room place was called Mystery Rooms Interlaken and we played the ‘Escape from the institution’ room. Can’t give away any spoilers but overall definitely enjoyed, all the clues made sense without being too easy or difficult. We had a few problems figuring out how to open locks 😂, but otherwise really enjoyed the room! We escaped in about 45minutes! The lady also gave us chocolate and a shot at the end of the game. Honestly I wasn’t sure if the shot was just juice before we drank it but nope nope nope definitely alcohol. She told me after it was captain Morgan and asked if I liked it 😂

From the escape room, we picked up some sandwiches from the grocery store then went to the boat dock in Interlaken West. The boat trip was included with our Swiss Travel Pass and was actually pretty nice. We sat outside but inside they had table service if you wanted food! Originally we were going to go all the way to Thun, but it was a bit cold with the wind so we got off at Spiez then took the bus to Thun.

Couple cute pics from the boat!

In Spiez, we went to the Spiez Castle (again it was included in our Swiss Travel Pass). The Castle was not the most exciting so I’m glad we didn’t pay for it, but there was a fun fake horse in the bell tower that had a javelin you could thrust into a piece of wood 😂

After the Castle we walked to a bus stop to make our way to Thun. We attempted to go to Thun Castle, however, the lady would not accept a covid vaccine without a QR code (thx America) so Clare wouldn’t be allowed in. The women was actually kind of rude about it and I was like that’s fine like we can’t change her vaccine card lol. Anyways, did a quick Google of fun things to see in Thun and we walked over to this park with a v fancy hotel- Schadaupark. Pretty area!

By the time we finished walking around the park it was almost 4pm! We caught the train back to Interlaken West and watched some Bachelor in Paradise on our balcony 😂. We went to another Italian place for dinner (idk they’re everywhere)- Ristorante Città Vecchia. I got a shrimp risotto that was ok but a bit too lemony. The real killer at the end was they charged 3 CHF for “Service for tapwater”. WHAT 3 CHF FOR WATER FROM THE TAP?! OUTRAGE. Clare’s beer was literally 5.50 CHF. Anyways most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

We ended the night with some Lwgo Harry Potter per usual. Had fun times in Interlaken! Off to Luzerne next!

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