3 Days in Luzern & Surrounding Mountains

Stay: Hotel Schlüssel seit 1545 Franziskanerplatz 12, 6003 Luzern

Day 1: Luzern

We took a train from Interlaken around 11am and took about 2hours to get to Luzern. There were some nice views along the way, but it was a bit cloudy and rainy so we mostly just played lego Harry Potter lol.

It was about a 10min walk from the Luzern train station to our hotel. We dropped off our bags and changed before taking off to walk around the city!

First, we walked about 15minutes to Musegg Wall. It is an old city wall with a few towers along the way. It was free which was very nice too! We climbed up two of the towers- one was a watch tower and one was a clock tower. The watch tower provided some really nice views of the city! It started downpouring right after we got there so we stayed in the tower until it calmed down a little.

We walked along the whole wall, which was actually pretty long! Thankfully, it was on the way to the next stop – the Lion Monument. This was just a stone carving. I googled it for more background and it’s a memorial for the French Revolution.

Right next to the Lion Monument is the Glacier Garden. This is included in the Swiss pass so we went and they thankfully let us in without a vaccine QR code! This “museum” was actually pretty fun. It was mostly outside. There were some Glacier potholes right away. Then there was a mirror maze, which was actually awesome! Then there was a sandstone cave which was huge and had alot of cool features. Overall, it was surprisingly cooler then we thought it would be.

Inside the mirror maze

Sandstone cave

After we finished at the museum we walked over to Hofkirche St. Leodegar (a church). We were able to go inside. It was a nice church, but nothing too elaborate (for European cathedrals at least).

Finally, we walked to Chapel Bridge. It started raining a bit more on our walk, but thankfully this bridge is covered!

We headed back to the hotel from the bridge to relax a bit before dinner. We started watching Temptation Island for some nice, dramatic reality TV.

For dinner, we attempted to go to Fondue, but alas the place would not accept our vaccine cards without a QR code and UPDATE the UK QR doesn’t work either 😂😂 COOL COOL COOL. The restaurant lady told us there was a medical clinic at the train station that could give us Swiss QR codes so we walked over but it just seemed like a testing center and the line was HUGE so we just went and ate somewhere else that had outside seating (but covered since it was pouring). The restaurant was called Barca. They gave me the wrong spaghetti but I was too hungry to complain so I just ate it lol. We were also charged AGAIN for tap water. Officially over this country 😂 and bringing my own water with us always going forward!

Day 2 – Mount Pilatus

We started off the morning a bit later as the weather was forecasted to get better later in the day. We took a bus over to the Mount Pilatus cable car around 10am and started the journey up the mountain. The cable car took about 30minutes to get to Frakmuntegg and from there we took another cable car (about 10minutes) to the top!

Clare found this “Dragon Challenge” online where you stop at the different cable car points and find Dragon signs and answer a question to get a letter. There are 8 signs in total and once you finish you can submit the secret word for a chance to win one night at the hotel on top of Mount Pilatus! The drawing for the winner isn’t until November 30th though. You actually had to get off at Krienseregg (the first ‘stop’) to get the first 2 letters but we weren’t actually sure how our ticket worked so we didn’t get off and hoped we could figure out the word with the rest of the letters.

Once we got to Frakmuntegg it was PRETTY cloudy so there weren’t any good views. Next to one of the Dragon questions there was this free tree course thing, which was actually pretty long and took you above the ground from tree to tree.

We had to trek a bit around to find the other two dragon questions but we had success! After we got all our letters, we waited for the next cable car to go the rest of the way up the mountain!

Somewhere near the VERY top we broke through/ above the clouds and saw the sun again! The views were mostly just clouds and every once in awhile you could see a small mountain peak in the distance pop out. Would’ve been nice for better weather, but it wasn’t the WORST lol.

There were a few viewpoints we hiked to then had to also find the remaining dragon letters- after finding them all except the first two we were at _ _ tthorn… then while hiking a trail Clare pointed out and said “looks it’s the Matterhorn” she was pointing to the mountain right next to us…. I was like Clare the Matterhorn is nowhere near here and she swore that’s what it said on the map. So we consulted the map! It was actually “Matthorn” not Matterhorn 😂. After laughing about this Clare goes “WAIT that’s probably the answer to the challenge!” So TBD if that’s actually the answer, but we had a fun time doing the challenge nonetheless.

Here’s me doing a random dragon thing lol (the dragon followed your movements)

We took the cogwheel train back down the mountain. Our plan was to go over to Stanserhorn mountain as it was included in our Swiss Travel Pass. We JUST missed the connecting train when we arrived and while we waited I decided to Google the Stanserhorn webcam… it was terrible LOL so we ended up just taking the train back to Luzern.

Since I was over paying for tap water at restaurants and tired of how incredibly expensive drinks were, we decided to get some wine to put into our waterbottles to take to dinner with us 😂 – had to be relatively clear so got some white wine and rose. We made reservations again for fondue and specifically asked to sit outside! We got a three course fondue- cheese dip with bread and potatoes, oil dip with chicken and beef, and chocolate dip with fruit. It was really delicious!! SO filling. Wasn’t cheap, but not bad for how much food we got!

Day 3 – Mount Rigi & Mount Stanserhorn

Again the weather was supposed to get nicer later in the day so we didn’t wake up until about 9am and caught a boat at 10:12am to head to Vitzau, which took about 1hr. The boat was included in the Swiss Pass again and was a nice ride, even though it was pretty cloudy!

From Vitzau we caught the cogwheel train up to the top of Mount Rigi! It was super cloudy for the first half of the ride then we broke through the clouds into the sun! The other mountains also poked through a bit so we had some pretty cool views! There wasn’t a ton to do at the top so we walked around a bit then decided to walk part of the way down (the cogwheel train had a few stops where you could get on).

We probably spent about 3hrs on the mountain (including going up and down).

Since it was a nice day we decided to go to Mount Stanserhorn since it’s included in the Swiss Pass. We were able to catch another boat (only like 15mins) across the lake, then a bus to the next cable car! Stanserhorn was also pretty, but didn’t have a ton going on besides a short hike and a restaurant. There was one giant cloud blocking one direction, but otherwise we had some really pretty views!

The cable car going up also had a second level outside to enjoy the views (although it was a bit chilly).

On the way back down a cute dog sat in the same row as us 😍

Thankfully, there was an express train back to Luzern so it only took about 15minutes to get back on the train!

It was already 7pm by the time we got back to the hotel so we changed and went to dinner! Got some yummy pizza for the last night- enjoyed it though so not upset!

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