Western Sahara

We left Fes around 8am to begin our day of 8hrs of driving! Thankfully we had quite a few stops along the way to break up the journey.

First stop was at an Alpine village- “the Switzerland of Morocco”. Having just been to Switzerland I can’t say there was much comparison, but at least we got to use the bathroom and get some money from the ATM. The one landmark was this Lion statue.

We drove another 30minutes to a random pull off on the side of the road which had a bunch of monkeys!! I know so random, but it was super fun. We fed them peanuts and they would gently take them out of your hands. If they could tell you were holding some they would grab at your pants and look up at you. It was pretty cute!

We continued driving until lunch, then kept on going until we reached the desert- Merzouga. We got there about 5:30pm. The guides took our bags in a truck and we all road camels to our desert camp! We stopped after about 30minutes to sandboard and watch the sunset. The hill for sandboarding was pretty short, but at least I didn’t fall like I normally do!

Once the sun set, we got back on the camels for another 30minutes until we reached the desert camp. The camp was set up very nicely and each group of 2 got their own tent which had a bathroom and shower! The shower ended up being a bit cold, but was suitable for a quick wash to get sand off you.

It was dark shortly after we arrived so we walked out a little bit to look at the stars while we waited for dinner to be prepared. There were SO many stars out, it was beautiful. There was a little table out of the camp as well that we were able to sit at.

Dinner was also pretty good. Wide variety of veggies and meats (per usual). We also got some wine (it cost extra). Dessert was a bunch of fruit, which seems to be pretty common in Morocco so far.

After dinner the hosts of the camp were playing the drums and some other random instruments and singing around a fire. We sat down to enjoy, but they made us stand up and dance. They even tried to teach us how to play (I was not good lol). It was pretty random, but a fun way to end the night!

There was a cute German Shephard that came over at the end of the night- her name was Misa. She was very chill and loved pets ❤

The next morning we woke up around 7am and walked for 10minutes to a mini sand dune to watch the sunrise.

Breakfast was ready when we got back- pretty standard same as the other days- lots of bread items and some eggs.

We took camels back to where we were dropped off the day before. It took about an hour. The views of the dunes were nice as always!

Once at the car we drove about 10minutes to a little village that had dune buggeys you could rent. Jack and Becca got one and then me and Tom rented one. Alyssa and Issy got to hang out at the bottom of the dunes while we were gone. The ride was pretty fun- it lasted about an hour. We had to follow a worker on an ATV so we couldn’t go as fast as we wanted, but we still had a good time. We stopped a few times to take pictures of the dunes and switch drivers. We did have a few mishaps with the dune buggeys starting back up though- Jack and Beccas actually fully stopped working and someone had to bring another one for them to use 😂

And a nice failed jumping pic 😂

Until next time desert!

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  1. mzbaddog says:

    on my goodness.. how incredible it would be to take in those sights.. to feed the little monkeys! awesome pictures! thank you for sharing 🙂

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