2 Days in Marrakech

Stay: Airbnb – private riad – https://abnb.me/iVbXbzsTLkb

We arrived in Marrakech around 8:30pm, walked to our riad, and then walked about 1 mile to a grocery store to get food for breakfast for the next few days and dinner for the night. Not the most exciting night, but on the way home I said hello to a dog laying on the ground then he proceeded to follow us alllll the way back to our riad! He was so cute and sweet โคโคโค

Day 1

We had a relaxed morning at the riad, making our own breakfast before heading off for the day around 11am. We headed to the main square in the Medina- Jemaa el Fna. It’s actually ginormous, tons of stalls selling juices, people selling random other items like pictures with cobras. It was a lot. People even drove through it so had to try not to die ๐Ÿ˜‚ Too busy for me!

At the end of the square is Koutoubia mosque. Non-muslims aren’t allowed in so we just walked through the garden and onto our next stop.

Cute puppers in the garden ๐Ÿ˜

From the mosque we walked to Saadian Tombs. It cost 70dirham to get in (about $7) and was definitely not worth the price. It took maybe 20minutes (if you take your time) to walk through. There are only 3 tomb rooms, which are pretty, but there’s only one small opening to view it so you can’t really stay that long as people are waiting behind you.

We then got a bit lost trying to find El Badii-Ksibat Nhass Palace. We tried to go down a road, but instead of going through to the palace there was a dead-end and we had to walk around a bunch of things to get to the opposite side of the dead-end. We ended up deciding to not go into the palace as it was just ruins and the pictures didn’t seem worth the price. Instead we walked to the next palace – Bahia Palace – which we did go in since it seemed to be the “pretty” palace and it was! There were a few courtyards with beautiful plants and mosaics. Then each courtyard had a few rooms which were full of mosaics. We probably spent about 45minutes roaming around and taking pictures.

Jack found a place online for lunch that had gluten free options (for Becca) so we walked about 5minutes to Henna Art Cafe. They also had hummus (not really a thing here for some reason). The hummus was ok, but nothing too special. I also had a chicken wrap, which was again ok but not amazing.

While at lunch Tom called EasyJet to see if we were required to get any test done in order to fly to Italy (even though it was just a layover). They said yes we needed a negative test so we found a place online and ended up taking a taxi over to get it done. Thankfully there was no line so we got it done pretty quick! We stopped at the grocery store for some frozen pizzas and wine for dinner before grabbing a taxi back.

We had a fun little photo shoot in the riad before playing some uno on the terrace.

Day 2

As we explored all the major sites during our first day in Marrakech we had a pretty relaxed morning. I sat on the terrace for a bit just enjoying the sun. We ended up leaving around noon to walk to Jardin Majorelle. The garden was about 1.5 miles away and took about 30minutes to walk there. There was actually a small line to get in- touristy spot! For some reason Yves Saint Laurent (famous fashion designer) bought these gardens and restored them so I think that attracts more tourists. The gardens themselves were very nice and pretty. We got to enjoy watching a few people take very model-esk insta photos which I enjoyed ๐Ÿ˜‚ We got a few cute pictures of our own.

Shortly before 2pm we headed over to Marajah Spa (only about 5mins away). We booked appointments for all of us as “hammams” are very popular in Morocco. I booked the traditional package which was a hammam, a scrub, and a massage. I can definitely say I was not expecting everything that happened ๐Ÿ˜‚

First we changed into our robes and then were led into mini steam rooms that were all tile with small green lights for ambiance. Jack / Becca and Alyssa / Tom had couple rooms that they were in together and Issy and I ended up with separate rooms. So I’m sitting in this nice steam room in my robe and a worker lady walks in and makes you take your robe off ๐Ÿ˜‚ so you’re naked except for underwear. Then she has you lay down on the tile bench and oils you up. She leaves and puts the steam on full blast. After about 5mins she pops her head in and asks if that was good so I said ok and she leaves again, but leaves the door partially open! While I’m just laying there mostly naked! The door opens to the main hallway people walk down to get to the different rooms ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was a bit worried she accidently left the door open, but after the steam cleared out she came back. Next was the scrub. She had a scrub glove on and exfoliates the crap out of your whole body- even did my face! It was a bit painful at times lol. She then rinsed off my body with nice warm water then asks me to turn around. So I’m sitting crossed legged on the bench facing the wall and she pulls down my hair and full on washes my hair! Basically I was completely and intensely bathed by this woman.

Finally after the bathing was complete I was brought into a relaxation room where everyone else also was. We got some mint tea and cookies and they gave us mini foot massages. Jack, Becca, Alyssa and myself booked the package with a massage so we were then led to our massage rooms. I ended up sharing a room with Alyssa- couples massage ๐Ÿ˜‚! The massage lasted an hour and was ok, but not quite as much pressure as I would want. At the end of the massage they put a towel on your face and you lay in shavasana for about 5mins. The whole thing was definitely an experience and I would recommend trying if you go to Morocco! At the very least you’ll be extremely clean after!

Once we finished, Tom and I split from the group to walk back to the covid testing center and pick up our results (they told us sometimes places don’t accept the pdf version? Idk). It was about 20mins away, but we got the results quickly and grabbed a taxi to get back.

We relaxed in the airbnb for awhile before going to dinner at Dar Tazi- super close to the airbnb and recommended by the host. The food was very filling and the dessert was super yummy!

To end the night we walked quickly back to the main square to see it at night- they set up all these food stalls so it was super lively. We only stayed for a few minutes as it was late and the streets were pretty dark. We all chatted for a bit in the airbnb before saying bye to Jack and Becca and getting all our stuff packed up for our early flight the next day! Thx for the memories Morocco!

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