Bruised and Full

As promised, here’s a picture of the delicious breakfast from the hotel

We ate breakfast early so we could go to a Muay Thai class! Muay Thai is basically a form of kickboxing (from what I can tell). The class consisted of kicking and punching over and over and over and over. My shins are hard core bruised. But hey, it was fun!

Sam kicking (he wasn’t as good as me)

Basically professionals 

After the class we were exhausted so went and took a nice nap 🙂 Then we decided to walk over to Wat Arun… turns out you could only walk so far and then you had to hop on a ferry to take you to the other side of the river. It only cost like 8 cents so can’t really complain. The temple was very beautiful… My favorite so far.

I had to rent a sarong to wear over my shorts. It was actually super cute.

Me trying to take an artsy photo (Sam apparently thinks the stairs are more beautiful than the temple)

We had some delicious fruit popsicles for “lunch”. Wish we could bring fruit back to the USA.

Once we finished walking around and took the ferry back to our side of Bangkok, I decided to finally buy a pair of elephant pants. People buy them since you have to wear pants in the temple, but they’re super cute and definitely future pajama pants.

Waking back to our hotel, we passed the Grand Palace so decided to go check it out. Turns out you had to have pants down to your ankles to get it. Since I had my new elephant pants I was fine, but Sam just had shorts on. I decided to go in quickly, but you could only walk around a little bit before having to pay so it was short lived. All the buildings looked like what we’ve seen so far anyways.

My one selfie inside the Grand Palace

We signed up for a cooking class for dinner, which was about 3miles from our hotel. We decided to walk there (it was pretty tiring to be honest…but there was a lot of traffic so it seemed faster to walk). By the time we got there we were ready to eat! 

We made 4 dishes and then they gave us a dessert at the end! First dish was a soup. Somewhere along eating I hit something SUPER SPICY. I was dying for about 20minutes until we finally got to eat the next dish (delicious pad Thai).  Took a bunch of pictures of all the food so enjoy!

Mango sticky rice dessert

Chicken curry (I made sure I had minimum spice)

Crushing the curry concoction 

The amazing pad Thai 

Cooking with our buds

Our cooking space… We had to sit on the floor… It was not comfortable, but I ended up in the corner with 3 mats to sit on instead of 1 😁

Definitely did not want to walk back 3 miles after eating so we took a tuk tuk! Basically those are just motorbikes that have a wagon like thing attached to the back… hopefully the pictures help that explanation

In the back of the tuk tuk

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