Surviving Cyclone Hola 

Well, we haven’t had a very exciting last two days, but it’s been nice to just chill out and hang with one of my best friends. 

After dropping Alexis off at the airport, we drove around Maree’s old hood. Saw her high school, her old house, etc. We went to the park in the area as well and swung on the swings for a little bit!

The next day Cyclone Hola “hit”. It basically just rained all day, not even that hard lol. But we didn’t feel the need to be walking around in the rain so we mostly just chilled at Maree’s apartment and watched some Netflix. 

At night Maree started having really bad stomach issues and ended up going to the 24hr care center ☹ She got some IVs so hopefully it will start feeling better!

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