Wonder of the world- Petra!

We drove about 2hrs from Wadi Rum and arrived at Petra around 1pm. We decided to do one of the hiking loops to get the good views of The Treasury (most famous Petra site). 

To get to Petra you half to walk about a mile after the ticket office, through a siq, before arriving!

The siq is actually really cool and pretty

After the siq, we arrived at Petra’s most famous site- The Temple! It is pretty wild to think about how they were able to create this soooooooo many years ago

From The Treasury, we continued walking (Petra is actually Ginormous). 

Naturally Jack bought a head scarf when we got there so here’s a picture of me with it on in front of an auditorium of Petra, which could seat 6,000 people!

From the auditorium, we kept walking to find the hiking path we wanted to take for the day. We saw some cool views along the way.

The end of the hike brought us to “the best view in the world” all you had to do was buy a can of soda to see it. The view was from above the Treasury and actually was pretty cool.

At this point though I was COMPLETELY exhausted (only 6hrs of sleep in two days and like 20miles of hiking). We sat on the “couch” at the viewpoint for a bit which was nice. I was v happy.

Sadly (mostly sad for me), we had to take the exact same route back to the entrance. Which took FOREVER. Got to see the Treasury again with much less people though which was nice.

After we got out of Petra, we stopped at the Cave Bar for a relaxing drink. They actually had some nice bathrooms so I washed up a bit…. they have little water guns in the toilet area (to wash your bum) which I used to wash my feet off lol.

Also could analyze ALL my bug bites (over 50) with like 10 on my forehead which are looking greattttttt

We met our Airbnb guy at Little Petra which we walked through quickly (took like 20min)- basically more of Petra

Once we walked through Little Petra, we followed the Airbnb guy to our cave. It had a giant opening which I wasn’t thrilled about as all I could think of was bugs.

Turns out I had other things to worry about. Like dust storms. Literally just blew in layers of dust. Slept with my scarf over my face so I wouldn’t breathe it in.

Here’s a picture of my phone the next morning 

And you can see part of our cave wall was blown down during the storm 😂

Day 2

We decided to forgo the cave for the second night, do our second hike of Petra in the morning, then head to the Dead Sea where we could stay at a hotel using my points! Just the thought of showering was enough to make me want to go!

Bye cave camp! (There used to be a tent lol)

We woke up around 6am and headed to Petra. Our first hike was to the monastery, which was supposed to compare to the Treasury in greatness per reviews.

There is only one way in and out of Petra so had to walk back through the siq.

Saw some different buildings along the way too

To get to the monastery you have to climb up about 800 steps. And it was HOT. My face was dripping sweat. So gross. But eventually we did get there and it was pretty cool (and alot less crowded!).

Got some ice cream at the top (you can see how red my face is!) Cute little cat tried to come eat some ice cream 😊

There was a sign of the “best view in the world” AGAIN, but it was close so we walked up. View was fine I guess 

We decided to do one more hike for the day, which was the loop around the other side of Petra. It was really hot at this point of day and all the bad nights of sleep were definitely catching up- safe to say Jack and Sam were hiking way ahead of me!

I don’t remember all the names of the things we saw, but it was just a lot more of buildings carved into the mountains! Petra is definitely bigger than I ever realized!

Took pics of Jack and Sam hiking so I could take breaks lol

FINALLY, we made it back to the entrance. (Only like 10miles and 140 flights of stairs later). Overall though, really enjoyed all the sites Petra had to offer!

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