Three days in Baños

Day 1:We left Latacunga around 9am and it took about 2hrs to drive to La Casa del Arbol in Baños. La Casa del Arbol is at the top of a mountain and has a swing that you can go on over the mountain edge! Only $1/person to get in!Got a quick pic with the classic city signThe swing itself had a little belt to put across the front, but that didn’t really make me feel much better lol. There was a guy to assist in pushing you and twisting you for pics. It was fun but definitely got my adrenaline up a little bit! Got some sweet pictures too 😬After we had our fill of the swing area we drove down the mountain a bit to Luna Volcán- a spa in the mountain side with beautiful views! The hot tubs are made from the natural hot springs. We had about 45minutes of nice sunshine and then it got a bit cloudy and rained a little (which helped open up the hot tubs). I had a nice shake- ordered the oreo but ended up with strawberry…. LOL but it was still very yummy!The hot tub!We had some beautiful views of the town of Baños as well!After we had our fill of the spa day, we drove down to our hostel and checked in. They set us up with a guide to book some tours for tomorrow as well! We watched some of the Bears/Packers game (not great) before heading out for dinner. We ended up going to a steak house that we walked by that looked good. The fire stove was right in the room you ate! Pretty good steaks too for only $15!After dinner we walked a few blocks through the town. They still have Christmas lights and decorations up! I also got an ice cream cone (only $1.25)!Day 2:The day of activities! We planned two excursions for the day: 1) canyoning and 2) paragliding. We had a nice big brekkie at our hotel before getting picked up at 9am to start the adventure! We drove about 15minutes to some random old lady’s house near the river we were canyoning down. The guide gave a quick tutorial on safety measures and how to rappel then we were off! We had to hike up about 15 minutes to get to the top of where we were starting from. On the way our guide picked a lemon from a tree and peeled it with his knife and gave us some slices. A bitttt sour to just eat lemon straight up but had to try it straight from the tree. The canyoning was mostly just rappelling- we probably did at least 6 different rappels! We also slid down some random rocks. Lots of mini waterfalls as well. Overall a fun time!We had about 2hrs between tours so we grabbed a quick lunch and relaxed in our room before changing into warm clothes (as recommended) and heading back to the excursions office. When we arrived it was sunny and pretty windy. The guide got to setting up right away.He told me to go first. I wanted Nate to go in case the winds changed or something but the guide seemed adamant for me to go so I was off! Not sure if I would say I was excited for this or not. All I had to do was not mess up the takeoff or landing otherwise just got to sit while he did all the work. But still pretty spooky going up so high! The landscape was very beautiful though so I did my best to not freak out while in the sky although I can’t say I was ever just relaxed lolOne of the volcanos peaked out from the clouds for a little bit as well!We were up in the sky for about 15minutes and we landed and Nate went right away! There was a storm coming on the other side of the mountain that was making some pretty spooky noises and had some very dark clouds. Nate took off without problem and I could tell they did a bit more twists and turns up in the sky than the guide did with me (guess it was pretty obvious I wasn’t the most comfortable up there). Once Nate finished, our guide ran around trying to pack everything before the storm came. He seemed a bit frazzled about it but said it was all good when we asked if we pushed it close lol.When we got back Nate’s stomach was feeling a bit mumbly jumbly so he rested for a bit. We decided to go out and get him some plain food for dinner. We tried to find lotion for our sunburns at the grocery store but they didn’t sell any! There was a whole section of shampoo and soap but no lotion! How does that make any sense?! I decided to go to the pharmacy nearby to see if they had lotion (they did thank goodness) and Nate decided to ask for some medicine to help his tummy. They ended up opening these boxes and cutting out the number of pills he would need specifically then only charged $1! Such innovation lolNate’s dinner and random cut out pills 😂Day 3:Not too eventful of a day- we were just planning on doing the Rutas de Casadas then drive to Tena! We first tried to go to the Agoyán Waterfall but googlemaps took us to this random dirt road that was super steep. We drove on it for about 10 seconds before turning around. Of course my phone service wasn’t working at this point 🤦‍♀️ We decided to just drive to El Pailon del Diablo (the biggest waterfall) instead. The GPS took us to a path with signs for the waterfall so that was a good start! From there we just randomly parked and some man just pointed in a direction (clearly we are tourists) and we found the ticket office. There are two different points of entry for this waterfall (both $2). We went to the viewpoint above the waterfall first. Basically it’s just a HUGE waterfall.Suspension bridge on the way to the viewpointWe then drove our car 3minutes to the entrance of the other viewpoint. Nate got swindled into parking before the actual parking lot cause the guy was waving so intensly. There goes $1! LolThe lower viewpoint required hiking down for about 10minutes (was already not excited about going back up). The lower viewpoint was were you could basically go stand and get soaked from the waterfall. We walked a little ways but I wasn’t trying to get TOO wet!There was another suspension bridge at the lower part that you could walk across for a good view of the entire waterfall! Probably my favorite viewpoint!We asked a random man (who didn’t speak English) where the Agoyán Waterfall was. He basically just said drive back to the road and go left… so we started driving and finally found on the GPS the correct spot! You could take this cable car to get a closer view for $2 so we did it. It stopped halfway so we could take some pics too. Kinda dumb but it was fun!We had to backtrack to get back to the Agoyán Waterfall so we got back in our car and drove the same route to begin our drive to Tena! The drive to Tena took about 2.5hrs. Our hostel is a little outside of town “in” the rainforest! We have a little cabin and there are hammocks you can sit on while strolling on the web!

Stay: Hosteria y Spa Isla de Baños – Calle Thomas Halflans y Juan Montalvo , 180250 Baños, Ecuador

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