Day 2 – Cayoning

We started off today bright and early to go on a canyoning adventure! Canyoning is a mix of rappelling down waterfalls and hiking in a jungle filled canyon. We started off with the highest waterfall, rappelling down 165ft!

Mom rappelling down the first waterfall (the person higher up)
Our tour continued with rappelling down 3 more waterfalls and a monkey drop swing, where you zip lined out a few feet and then were randomly dropped to the floor! The whole tour was a ton of fun and is definitely something I would like to do again!
Me rappelling down one of the waterfalls
Our rappelling finished with a traditional Costa Rican lunch, which consists of mostly rice and beans and then some chicken. Once we were dropped back off at our hotel we decided to explore the small town of La Fortuna (consisting of 2 squares in the center of town and restaurants/tourist shops surrounding the squares). In one of the two squares in the center of town is a large church. The doors are left wide open because of the nice weather so we decided to go in and look around. Inside the church was the biggest Jesus (in the picture below) and also the most muscular Jesus I’ve ever seen!
Inside the La Fortuna church
There wasn’t much else to see in the town of La Fortuna besides the church, however we spent about 2 hours just walking around and exploring all the tourist shops. Once we got back to our hotel, we walked around the mini trail behind the hotel looking for any signs of wildlife… And found none…. Except for mosquitos, which of course only bit me #blessed. The rest of our night consisted of talking to some fellow travelers we met at our hotel, who actually did end up showing us some giant iguanas high up in the trees that they had found. We decided to all go to dinner together and had a fun night talking about the different places we are from and have been!
Mother-daughter friends we went to dinner with

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