Few Hours in Geneva

Stay: ibis budget Geneve Palexpo Aeroport

We landed in Geneva around 10pm. I booked a hotel right next to the airport so we just walked over… which was a little more complicated than expected as Googlemaps was telling us to walk on a busy highway ramp to cross the street 😂 NO THANKS! Thankfully we found a path under the highway…. which led us into a park with no lights… lol. Thankfully it was a short stint through the park and we finally made it to the hotel. There was a man in front of us requesting a room for a night and all he had with him was this large bag of grapes… you do you I guess.

The next morning we decided to explore Geneva for a few hours before catching the train to Interlaken. We got the Swiss Travel Pass aka free transit for 8 days (although it seems like if you stay in a hotel in a city in Switzerland they give you a free card to use local transport so would’ve been good to know that one before lol). Anyways, we took the train from the airport to the city center of Geneva (only like 8mins). We easily found a luggage storage at the station too which was convenient! And we fit both our bags in a medium locker, which was just 7 CHF!

As it was Sunday, lots of shops in the city were closed so it wasn’t the most popping place. I had looked up a few “hot” spots of Geneva so we basically just did a loop of all of them then left. Here are the very exciting highlights:

Really really ridiculously tall fountain in the middle of a lake (just behind our heads)

Flower Clock (can confirm the time was accurate)

St. Pierre’s Cathedral (there was a mass going on so we couldn’t go in)

Random pretty city streets

Reformation Wall. Googled this one- apparently its for the Protestant reformation, but the main people on the wall are calvinists?

United Nations!!!! Sadly this was closed so had to take a picture by sticking my hand through a giant gate

The end. Hope you enjoyed a quick 2hr (and technically one night) recap of Geneva!

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